Welcome to the Nursery

Sweet babe is only 5 weeks away, and I am so excited that we finally have a finished little space for her. Though I knew the general idea of what style I wanted, finding all the right pieces took some time. I wanted this space to feel simple, modern and a little bohemian. The room was originally beige and I tried to make it work, but it just didn't have the clean look I wanted. So we painted the walls, and that made the whole room feel completely different. We went with white for all of the furniture pieces as well, then layered on the colors to brighten it up. 

Her room has double closets so that provided really great storage so we didn't need a whole lot of added shelving of a large dresser. One closet is being used for clothing and every day necessities. The other is filled with toys and bigger items. For her changing table, we found this great mid century modern buffet. My dad was kind enough to repaint it, and we added some new hardware and new drawer liners. I opted for a chair instead of a rocker. We already had a vintage one, so I dyed it this fun muted coral. It gives a nice little pop to the serene backdrop.      

We filled the rest of the space with baskets, books, and plants as well as a few little toys.  I'm sure as she starts to crawl we will definitely make a few changes, but I cant wait to see how it all evolves and our little one grows.

Crib -  Lolly and Me /  Pillow, Bedding, Changing Pad, Curtains, Dresser Hardware and Mirror - Target / Clay Planter - Publix / Floor Basket and Rug - TJ Maxx / Fur Rug - IKEA / Wall Hanging - DIY Project / Salt Lamp - Earthbound Trading Co. / Changing Table, Chair, Baskets, Globe - Vintage / My Dress - Forever 21 / Plants - Lowes