Only FIVE weeks to go!

How is this possible? In a about a month, we will be holding our girl. I still have a rather large list of things I want need to accomplish before she arrives. Her room almost ready though, and that is really exciting. It is missing a couple final touches, and once I figure out what those final touches are, I will be sharing a little room tour very soon. I've also gotten all of her laundry cleaned and started on the hospital bag. 

 I'm not sure that I am actually "nesting" because that is basically what I do all the time anyway, but I am definitely feeling the need to get things done... and done now! Some are totally legit, like stocking up on toilet paper and laundry detergent. Some not so much, like the need to add pine straw to our flowerbeds in the front yard. But It all feels vitally important, so Jacob has been great about making it all happen. We are just beyond excited about this new little person that will be in our home so very soon!