Preparing for our New Baby

As we are anxiously awaiting our little one, I have had so much fun learning about all of the great products out there. It can be overwhelming to not want to buy everything, especially after talking to other moms.  We have 13 weeks until her arrival so I am working to find some sweet  items that will be useful for a newborn.

1. Natural Pacifier - After reading of all the dangerous materials in regular pacifiers, I am so thankful for these natural rubber ones from EcoPiggy. I've heard it is a good idea to get wait until baby gets the hang of breastfeeding, but if we end up needing one, these look awesome.

2 & 3. Moses Basket and Stand - Instead of the bulky basinets or pack 'n' plays, we opted for something a little smaller that fits our space well, especially our tiny bedroom. These generally run for over $100 but I am excited to say I found one that was barely used on Craigslist for a great price. Woo hoo! I also ordered a custom mattress and sheet from Wendy Ann.

4. Swaddle Blankets - How cute is this cacti print!? These are organic cotton and oh so adorable. We are having a Summer baby, so hopefully this will keep him or her feeling nice and safe without being too hot.

5. Sheepskin Rug - Okay, this one probably isn't actually a "must have" but I just really love them and I think it will be fun to have.

6. Humidifier - From all that I have read about congestion in little babies, humidifiers seem like a must have. This one so pretty, and has gotten great reviews. I cant wait to give it a try.

And, of course, this is not an all inclusive list... but definitely a pretty one! What newborn items did you find useful in the first weeks?