Little Boy or Little Girl?

Tomorrow is a special day for us, we will found out if this sweet baby is a little boy or little girl. At first, I was sure it was a boy, then I was sure it was a girl, and now.... goodness I have no idea! We will be surprised and so excited either way. I've had some fun with the old wive's tales about gender and these are my answers:

Heartbeat?  Above 140  - Girl
Sweet or Salty? Salty - Boy
Breakouts? Oh yes - Girl
String Test?  Boy
Sickness? No - Boy
Carrying High? Yes - Girl
Dry Hands? No - Girl
Sleeping on the left? No - Boy
Dreams? I've had several dreams that it was a Boy
Intuition? Ahh I have no idea!

Not very conclusive, but it is so fun to guess!