Looking Back on our "Reno" Process

When we first walked though this house, we definitely hated it. It was dark and dingy and I never would have imagined myself here other than LOVING the neighborhood. Jacob and I did a final walkthrough and said, "Well, It's just a rental... lets give it a whirl!" And I am so glad we did!

Gallons and gallons of white paint and almost two years later, we are so in love. And yes, this is a rental so we definitely did not do a full renovation... we just made this place feel like our home. 

A good eighty percent of the work we put into the house went into the kitchen. The walls were beige. The cabinets were beige. The floors and counters... you guessed it... beige. I just couldn't live with it. It took so much scraping and sanding (I wish I had known about CitriStrip during this process), but after a lot of work, we finally started to see years of cabinet liners and grime disappear.