Choosing an Essential Oil Brand

I was a really big essential oil skeptic. I had used some blends that friends had shared with me. They seemed to help but I was also taking medicine and trying other remedies to combat my symptoms so I just attributed feeling better to that.  My ah-ha moment was when I read a comparison on herbal tea to essential oil use so I decided to check it out. Fast forward to recent months. I have been doing a lot of reading up on how hey can actually help and their variety of uses. I decided to give it a go. I talked to several people about which brands they use. The most common answer was DoTerra, Young Living, and Native American Nutritionals (aka Rocky Mountain Oils) along with a few others that health food stores carry. Further research had my head spinning. There are so many reviews for all of them, but I found very few true reviews where people who are not affiliated with a certain brand share what they think with a side by side comparison.  All three of theses brands seemed good, and I determined that people just really love whatever they use. They found a great option for their family and a community of people using the same products so they just went with it. 

Being a true newbie with only articles and blogposts to go by, I decided to go with a friend's advice and try Native American Nutritionals. They are very affordable and I have found them to be very effective so far. So effective that I have not taken any medicine since I purchased them. None! Granted, I've never been someone who takes lots of medicine, but I would used it for general headache relief, allergies, etc. But still, I am very impressed with the results I am getting and I plan to order more to add to my little collection. 

On my first order, I purchased LemonPeppermintLavenderMelaleucaOregano, and Immune Strength. So far, I have used all of them except for the oregano because I have not dealt with any major sickness. I have used them for everything from bug bites, to allergies, and even cleaning products with great success. 

Pictured: Immune Strength + Lemon. I use a few drops with vinegar and very hot water to mop floors. It smells ahhhhmazing!