Wedding: Thinking, Planning, and Choosing

I am learning so much about myself through planning our wedding, and it turns out that indecision is my arch nemesis. We took a lot of time to enjoy our engagement and I am so grateful for that season of life. After all, this is a new chapter of our lives to enjoy... and I already had a Pinterest board that would make any newly engaged man sweat from nervousness.

If I could give any word of advice, it would be enjoy this completely unique season. We are about seven months out and just now really diving in. As I mentioned above, begin by deciding what you like. Between all the awesome magazines and websites that brides love, it can be difficult to even know what you like. Figure out your combined style and work on finding inspiration together. For me, the hardest part was funneling down ideas into a specific style, but once we got there it has made choosing all the parts and pieces so much easier.

From there, we began to choose specifics like a date, venue and time of day. Choosing a venue was much harder than I could have dreamed. We checked out so many places but ended back up with where we began, across the street from our proposal spot. The date was easy to pick because the venue had limited open days in the time of year we wanted, but lets face it, that was probably a good thing.