Garden: Tips for a Happy Terrarium

After watching on old Martha Stewart special on gardening, I have become increasingly obsessed with terrariums. I think they are strange and beautiful and perfect for the home.

This is definitely not a DIY post because you just put plants in a container… it kind of explains itself right? But I did want to share a few tips and thoughts on terrariums. 

Soil Drainage. Depending on the plants you use, you will need a well draining soil that has some coarse sand or something to make sure that water isn’t sitting at your plant roots. Since terrariums are generally in glass containers without holes in the bottom, you will need some rocks at the bottom to give that water somewhere to go or you will have gross moldy soil and it will kill your plants.

Plant Type. The possibilities are endless, but with a terrarium, make sure your plants want to be friends. For example, if you put a fern requiring a lot of water and a cactus that requires very little, somebody wont be happy and might even die. The same goes with sunlight. Find plants with equal sun, water, and soil requirements so you will have happy plants.

Container Cleanliness. Since moisture is an issue with terrariums, you want to make sure that the container you are using has had a good scrub. Use a little bleach in your water to clean it and let it dry completely just to keep mold from growing in there. 

There you have it! I hope my tips for a happy terrarium will help you as you create yours! Do you have any tips or ideas? Please share them below.