Unlikely Treasures

I love finding treasures in the trash, but sometimes getting caught up in the moment can end up with junk. I was with a friend and we found a cool piece beside the road. She put it in her car and when I was helping her unload it, roaches crawled out of it. True story. I'm sure she still made it into something beautiful, but to avoid trash to treasure mishaps, these are my tips for finding pieces that you will actually enjoy.

Does it smell? Chances are that if it smells like smoke or pets it will make your place smell too. Leave it!

Does it have water damage? There is no fixing water damage on most pieces, especially those with soft surfaces. If you are seeing stains from water, leave it!

Is it real? Personally, I don’t want a piece that is made of particleboard or cheap products. That stuff is fine new, but it wears out quickly and is not work keeping for a long time especially if you are the second user. Leave it!

What needs replacing or fixing? If it will be a big deal to fix or cost you a lot of money, it might not be worth it. If all you need is a new coat of paint or a clean up, take it! 

I found this little guy beside a dumpster. I rode by a couple times before I decided to bring it home. I’m really glad I did. 

 I ended up with about $3 worth of paint and new glass knobs for $2 each. Hobby Lobby runs half-off specials on them all the time.  All it needed was tightening up the screws and now it’s a cute little piece that I love. What’s the best thing you’ve found beside the road?