Garden: Creating a Succulent Planter

Succulents are my absolute favorite plant these days. Many of the ones I purchased last spring survived the winter and are doing very well. Since I've propagated some from last year and added several more to my collection, I found that I had quite a large variety in lots of small pots. I decided to pull together a few of my favorites to create one big planter of succulents.

Let's talk about soil for a bit. A rookie mistake I made last year involved rich soil with lots of fertilizer and it turns out that succulents are not a fan of that environment. When planting succulents, you will need a sandy, well draining soil. This potting mix made for cactus and palms is really good, and you could even add a little sand to increase drainage. Secondly, make sure that you use a pot with good drainage so your plants are not sitting in water.    

Now for the fun part, planning your little display. I filled my pot about half way with soul then put all containers in the pot to plan where I wanted them. I tried to find something like this burros tail that will hang over the sides as it grows. The hens and chicks are another pretty succulent that will hang over the sides a bit and spread throughout the pot as little baby chicks sprout. The rest of the plants were pretty ones that I already had. 
Don't be afraid to break apart your succulents. These plants are resilient. Just gently pull them apart to create multiples of each plant throughout the pot. Once you get them everything all planted, make sure they have plenty of soil around the roots. You don't want air to get in there and kill your plants.
Give your new plants a good water and let the excess drain well. Place them outdoors or in a very sunny spot in your home, and only water when the soil is dry. Enjoy!