Eating Well Plan: Week 1

Here is my grand list for week one. Once I was actually in the grocery store, I made a couple changes from my original plan. I wanted to make this recipe with peaches, but there was not a huge selection so I opted for this recipe for now. My plan for this week is pretty repetitive, but I knew I would not have a whole lot of time for cooking this week. Although my intention is to cut out a lot of the processed and boxed foods, I am keeping a few select grains (like brown rice) in the mix for now. As warmer weather arrives, and farmers markets open, I will be back to more vegetables.  So here you have it. Week one of this little project! 

Breakfast: Baked eggs (with cheese and seasoned in various ways)

Lunch: Hummus & Vegetables (cucumber, green peppers, carrots)

Dinner: Rice Bowls (brown rice with roasted corn, black beans, cilantro, avocado)