Eating well in 2014

About this time last year, I was all about eating well. I chose a slightly altered version of paleo as my go to for meals. I call it altered because I still consumed dairy on a regular basis, which included organic milk, and cheese and yogurt. I also ate beans, which are not technically paleo since they are a legume. I could be here all day talking about all the "rules," but in my honest opinion I think the best thing to do is read a lot about it then make your own version of what works best for you. Anyway, vegetables and a little protein was my usual meal plan. I never felt better. My body had the fuel it needed to run well. It also helped me to have fewer cravings for the "bad stuff" because, well, my body had everything it needed. Since Christmas, I have felt gross. Unhealthy food on the go, and not eating at regular times will do that to you. It’s a new year and I am going to try to get back eating the way that made such a huge difference in how I felt.

Each week I will be sharing what I plan to eat that week. Most things will be food that can be reheated easily or is good for taking to work.