It was a rainy weekend

It was rainy all weekend. I had lots of coffee with almond milk which I am really into these days. My percolator makes a lot of steaming noise when its brewing and it sounds so homey. I cleaned the apartment and tackled some piles that had been growing. How did I end up with so many piles? I have come to realize that I have too much for such a small space so I went through and parted with the pieces that I had forgotten about. I am still in the process of cleaning out my loads of vintage kitchen items (some of which are now on etsy). I am hoping to go through clothes, shoes and jewelry this week. I am feeling good about all this.I also popped into the thrift shop and found that beauty of a headboard. When I update my bedding I will share a few pictures of how it turned out painted white. Im pretty happy with the results so far. Nothing like a good cleaning right?