Wellness Wednesday: Shampoo

Remember a few weeks ago when I decided to quit shampoo? Well, I couldn’t do it. My goal was to not strip my hair of its oils so it would grow. I used baking soda to wash and vinegar to soften, however It just didn’t give me the results I was after. I stayed strong for about 4 weeks, but my hair did not get softer. It made my hair feel thicker which was a plus, but I since my hair is color treated and I use hot styling tools, I just didn’t feel it was the way to go. With that being said, I did not want to stop my quest for healthful hair care. I stumbled upon Zotos products in my beauty supply store. According to their website, Pure Elements harnesses the healing power of potent plant actives to protect and repair. They are free From: sulfates, parabens, silicones, animal derived ingredients, artificial colors & dyes, glycols, gluten, DEA & MEA. I have been using these products with great success. My hair feels soft, clean, and I only have to wash is 2 or three times a week.

My personal opinion of the subject is that everyone has different hair types so what didn’t work for me might work for you. I have read great things about baking soda, but I am liking Pure elements much better. Do you have any  organic, natural  or chemical free  products that you love? 

1. Shampoo 2. Conditioner 3.Cream