Wellness Wednesday: Spring Wellness

Spring and summer is the easiest and cheapest time to eat well. All those fresh fruits and vegetables that our bodies need are in season and cheap! I went to the grocery store planning to make hummus, but the vegetables i would choose were based on what was cheapest and in season. Carrots and celery generally stay the same, but I added green bell peppers and broccoli to the mix. 

The Hummus is so easy to make. I just use two cans of drained chickpeas, olive oil, lime juice, red pepper flakes, and salt to taste. The proportions are just based on how well its mixing up in my blender. I use a Ninja which is a phenomenal kitchen appliance. It does everything a blender does and everything a food processor does and is easier to clean than both.  What do you do to eat well this time of year?