Wellness Wednesday: Cutting Shampoo

        I am in the process of experimenting with quitting shampoo. Crazy right? I thought the same thing until I did a little research about how damaging shampoo and conditioner can be. Simple Mom really explains it well. There are tons of different alternatives to shampoo and conditioner, but I have been using baking soda to wash my hair. Its going great, but I am still figuring out a conditioning solution. I used vinegar the first few times. It worked well, but I'm not crazy about the smell. I have also used a mixture of honey and olive oil on the ends of my hair and that worked okay too.
       Overall I'm really liking how things are going. The texture reminds me of how beach hair feels, yet its a cleaner feeling and It curls wonderfully. The picture below is about a week into quitting shampoo and on a second day after washing. Oh and as you can see, I am cutting back on the hair color for a while. What are you doing to make your hair healthier? I would love to hear more tips!