DIY: Jadeite Glass

I love antique jadeite glass, but it can be expensive so here is an alternative. I made these glasses to put my makeup in. You will need: 1. A fluffy brush 2. Acrylic Paint (I mixed these two to for the color) 3. Gloss Gel  4. Glasses. Clean of any dust from your glasses. Mine were thrifted for $1 each. I chose a class that had a design on it since it is difficult to create a smooth paint look on glass with acrylic. Mix the gloss gel and the paint of your choice. I'm using sage green mixed with a bit of lime green to imitate jadeite.  The gloss gel will give it a more creamy translucent look, but i'm sure it would be fine without. Simply paint the inside and allow it to dry for a few hours. There you have it, a pretty jadeite glass. Enjoy!