Wellness Wednesday: Understanding Carbs

I found this illustration via Wellness Mama.  She is one of my favorite resources for tips on healthy eating, natural products, and wellness advice. I have drastically cut the carbs out of my diet and I feel great. It is not about losing weight, its about eating foods that wont make you sick. Your body does not need massive amounts of processed food. If you give your body the foods that God intended for you to eat, it will work better and that's a fact. I highly encourage you to visit her website. She gives great explanations of how to eat here, here, and here

I have cut out bread, pasta, potatoes, and cake (that was the hardest). Switching up the cooking oils makes a big difference too. Wellness Mama suggests using butter rather than margarine and coconut oil rather than vegetable oil. I have greatly increased vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, eggs, natural fruit juices, and water. I have also started exercising more. I usually have pretty bad allergies this time of year, but I am feeling those symptoms like usual. I'm not saying that all your ailments will go away if you cut out carbs, but its worth a try right? Its all pretty confusing because we have grown up hearing that fats are all bad when in reality your body needs certain fats.  I hope this clears up any questions about carbs and fats. Have a very Well Wednesday!