Wellness Wednesday: Clearing the Clutter to Clear Your Mind

Part wellness is simply mental. Keeping a positive attitude will contribute to overall well being. For me, staying organized is a big part of how I feel. When I have things running smoothly, I have more time to rest and enjoy life. These are a few ways to clear the clutter and clear your mind:
1.Organizing your time and making the most of those 24 hours can be simple. Planners are a must. I have a calendar on my phone and computer, but there is just something about a planner that makes me feel better.This one is from etsy. 2. Keeping your pantry organized will save you so much time and money. There are some fantastic tips here. 3. Bathrooms can easily be filled with products. Again, the problem comes from not knowing what you have and buying more. Keep products neat and organized in little baskets like these. 4. Baking sheets are usually found in a pile, but storing them vertically will give you easier access. 5. Leave it to Martha to come up with such brilliance. Simply putting sheets into their matching pillowcase will keep all the pieces together will creating a great way to stack them.