How to trim your own hair between salon visits


I pretty much always trim my own hair. Its so easy and it keeps the ends from becoming too badly damaged.   I only take off a couple centimeters each time. All you need is a fine comb and salon scissors... not regular scissors!! Salon scissors are smaller, sharper, and the blades are closer together than a regular crafting scissors. You can find them for under $10 at a drug store or beauty supply store.  If have medium to to long hair, this is most ideal for you. Just comb out any tangles from your hair. Part your hair down the middle then bring both sides around to the front. Twist hair strands as tightly as possible. This will ensure that you get an even cut. Your ends should be frayed out like a fan. Go with that natural shape and cut a U-shape on the ends. If your hair is thick, take very small snips.

Once you are comfortable with the ends, you can begin  the bangs, pull them to the opposite side that you wear them. Comb through and trim at an upward angle. Only take tiny snips. You don't want to over do them. Then just style as usual. You just saved yourself a trip to the salon!