Wellness Wednesday: The Why and How

I am a college student so I am so far from taking care of my health the way I should. In the past several months I have truly made an effort get serious about taking care of my body so that it can work the way God intended it to work. Slowly but surely I am changing my attitude to being a healthy eater. I can eat fast food with the best of them, but I am really trying to change my ways. I am also discovering that cooking healthy tastes just as good if not better than adding a ton of butter to things. The perfect example of this is my Seasoned Green Beans Recipe. They are good... really good, but I was literally cooking green beans in butter and bacon grease. Last night, I decided to change up the recipe and make it healthy. Instead of bacon grease and butter, I used olive oil. For flavor I used fresh garlic and natural spices. You know what is ironic? Jacob said that he liked the healthy ones better. So since I'm at the beginning stages too, I wanted to share some tips for getting started:

1. Take Baby Steps : Cutting out everything you love is an extremely BAD idea.  You will get burned out quick. Take your time to research and know your stuff. Begin by reading about about whole living to see what sparks an interest for you.

2. Moderation : I was a coffee fanatic... still am... but I was drinking over 4 caffeine drinks a day. That is enough to really make you crazy. Don't cut it all out at once. Just take it little by little.  Now I am down to 2 or less. Fast food is okay every now and then, but get out of the habit of running through the drive-thru every week. 

3. Realize your weaknesses: I know that if I have a cake in the house or anything rich and sweet, I will eat a whole lot of it.  Sweets are my weakness so I limit what I keep in my pantry. If you know you will over indulge in something, keep it away.

4. Making the switch : Use wheat rather than white bread and noodles. Use a bit of olive oil rather than butter. Take recipes that you love and change it up. Challenge yourself to make something better for your body. It is not hard, it just takes a little thought.