Wellness Wednesday: Tea

Fall is coming and I must say that am thoroughly overjoyed about that. Since tea is perfectly cozy, I thought I would share about the health benefits of this delightful drink.  These are the most common and would be a great start for tea drinking.

1. Black tea is the most common tea, and there are several varieties of it. However, they all have a lot in common. These teas go through a natural process for oxidation, and they act as something of a pick-me-up as well.
2. Chamomile tea is a common and popular choice as well. It is one of the more widely used herbal teas, and for good reason. It has many soothing properties, making it helpful for a number of different problems. For instance, it can help to soothe stress and anxiety when you are tense, because it actually works as a natural kind of sedative. As such, it also helps with insomnia, sleeplessness, and restlessness. 

3. Green Tea is becoming increasingly popular, especially as a means of energy and weight loss. This type of tea uses leaves that are unoxidized, which means that, after they are picked, they are heated up. That gets rid of any oxidizing enzymes. Green tea is great when you need antioxidants, and it is an extremely healthy alternative.