Wellness Wednesday: Clearing the Clutter

I was told recently that living in clutter can lead to depression. It makes sense... you never see happy people on Hoarders. I have spent the past few days cleaning out my little apartment one room at a time. You wouldn't think that living in a place for less than six months could have gotten that messy, but believe me it did. It is amazing how living in a clean space makes life feel so much clearer. Here are a few tips to help you get organized in the kitchen and cut the clutter in your own space:

1. A place for everything
 First things first, its imposable to clean a space if there is nowhere for anything to go. If your kitchen is low on space, get some helper shelves and drawer dividers. Maybe even bring in a shelf or cabinet for extra little items. If and item in not often used or you already have another one, give it away. Ahh, feeling better already?

2. Think it through
Before you begin organizing, think it through. What do I use the most? What can store in the top shelves? What needs to stay at easy reach. Also, put like items together. My roommate is a little baker with lots of supplies so we designated a section just for her cake things. Think about how you can make your kitchen work best and place things accordingly.

3. Clean out
About once a month, I go through my pantry and throw away anything that is old, and I go through the refrigerator weekly (usually). When you clean things out, go ahead and wipe it down so the task of doing a deep clean wont be too difficult. Stacks of mail are also a common pile up so it helps to throw away what is junk and file bills away.

4. Don't procrastinate
Sure, one little dirty dish can wait... then 2... then 5, and before you know it there are dirty dishes piled up in the sink.When you are done using an item, put it away immediately. If the counter is dirty, wipe it down then. Little messes turn into major disasters so  take it one step at a time and do it then. This one is a challenge, especially with a busy schedule, but I have found that it makes everything easier to keep things on a small scale.

These photos inspired me. Happy cleaning and organizing!