Wellness Wednesday: Breakfast

We have all been told that it is healthier to eat breakfast, but I'm pretty sure that only counts if you are actually eating something besides sugary cereals. I keep reading about the best breakfast foods. The two choices that seem to be the most popular among healthy eaters are eggs and oatmeal. As a college student, I need something that could be made quickly and while I would appreciate an egg for its protein, oatmeal is wining this discussion... now here is the issue... which oatmeal is better for you?? I found a company called Better Oats. They specialize in healthy products that can be made in the microwave. This is perfect for a quick breakfast. So kick the sugary cereal and pop tarts and go for something better that tastes great. There are so many flavors and they even make organic products. Try it; I know you will just  love it!