coffee grinding

Although I regret even having to post this, I feel that I must share a bit of wisdom I learned this week. A couple weeks ago I shared a post called French press 101. I hope the lesson helped you all, but I failed to mention the subject of grinding coffee. The ground of the coffee is a very important part of the French press. I have always heard the best ground to use is coarse…. But yesterday morning I didn’t listen. I was running late for work and decided that I could get by with putting an already ground espresso roast coffee in my press. I was impressed by my brilliance until I tried to press the filter down. It didn’t move so I pressed harder. I found out the hard way that all the instruction if using a course ground was very important. The fine grounds of the espresso clogged the filter and my pressing built up so much pressure that my filter broke! I was able to screw the pieces back together thank goodness, but I wanted to make sure that the same didn’t happen to you. I hope this info helps you. Happy pressing!