Visions of White Bedrooms

I hope your week have been lovely so far.I am finally a bite rested up from the weekend. I spent Saturday with Jacob shopping in Atlanta. I really feel the need to move there now. We went the Lennox mall which I feel that must have been designed specifically fom me. The anthropologie there was so wonderful. We ate lunch at a cute little pizza restaurant that had a fountain and lights strung up all around the roof. We then went to H&M which I must say changed my life. Now that I'm back home, I am for sure in dire need of apartment therapy. I am totally in love with the new place, but I am also faced with quite a few challenges. The biggest challenge is brick walls painted white so I cannot put holes in it. I have become creative in the leaning department. It is working pretty well so far. I decided that with the move, i wanted to change up the style of my room to more of a shabby chic beachy feel. I found a great deal on a white comforter from target. A friend gave me a white vintage dust ruffle so all i need now is some cute vintage pillow shams. I want it to be all serene and cozy in there. I am also looking for some white curtains that are not too translucent. Sadly I also had to move my vanity table out of the room so I am looking for a smaller one. I have a cute idea in my head until I walk in there and get too overwhelmed to be creative. This has been going on for days now. The kitchen and bathroom are pretty cute though. I will be posting pictures as soon as I feel accomplished. For now, here is a vision that I would love to see in my room.