Vintage Inspired Birthday Party

I am so grad to finally be able to share photos from the birthday party for Abby and Peyton. Abby is my roommate and we had it at our apartment... quite a challenge. Thankfully I had some good friends to help me keep her away for the day while we could set up. This party turned out to be so easy and so cute.I just used my my boyfriend's kitchen table  for the food and we had a basket of blankets for everyone to spread all over the yard.I just happened to have most of  the vintage plates and decorations. I found the mason jars and sheets at a thrift store. The chalkboards are available on my etsy shop, A Lovely Cupcake. I just grabbed a pack of candles and some daisies from the grocery store.  To keep things easy, I got a few pre-made cheese balls and some crackers. A couple friends made the beautiful cakes and we had cherry lime aid to drink. I borrowed the record player from a friend. Despite it's vintage look, it played music from my ipod. As blindfolds for pin the tail on the donkey, we I used some thrifted vintage ties.

To make a vintage photo booth like this one was so easy. Our backyard clotheslines were finally put to good use. I hung a sheet over the back line and suspended a vintage frame with fishing line on the next. I put a vintage chair and a table and a mason jar filled with glasses, lips, and moustaches. You can purchase your own on etsy.

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