summer has begun

Good morning. I hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday so far.

Oh dear how busy I have been. I thought this summer would bring a time of rest and recuperation, but i was so very wrong. I had just gotten done with finals Monday when my roommate and I got a knock on the door last Tuesday morning, and our landlord told us that we had to move... next door. The good news is that the apartment we moved into is newly renovated. It smells so fresh and new and it is is so perfectly clean. After hundreds of little trips back and forth for days, we are finally almost in. We are still making it cute and cozy, but it is coming along very well.

I was completely exhausted from the move, but incredibly excited to spend the weekend with the 7th grade girls that I teach. Wiregrass Church had a student weekend called Walking Wisely. It was so great and the girls had a great time. We painted shirts, played games, played putput, and most importantly we shared in a time of bible study and worship. I left exhausted, but so refreshed. I cannot wait to do it again. They are such a wonderful group and I lovedbeing able to invest in their lives.

Monday I began working double the hours at my admissions assistant job at BCF. I love it so much. I also love the fact that I am taking online classes throughout the summer so no walking across campus. I am celebrating by wearing heels every day. Jacob and I took a short beach trip yesterday and got Starbucks. It was short for two reasons. First of all it was freezing and windy. Secondly, we got hungry. I made  chicken marsala... kindof. Publix has a blush wine dressing that used instead of marsala. It was oh so very good and easy to make. I fully suggest it!

I have not forgotten my promise to post pictures of the party. They will be coming soon!