Killer Strands

Photo from the Killer Strands Blog.
For the past couple years, I have made a little hobby out of cutting and coloring hair. I have often considered going to cosmetology school, but I have not felt the "Go ahead" from God so I am keeping it as a hobby for now. I learned by cutting and coloring my own hair, and now I cut and color all of my friend's hair as well.

When I was in high school, I worked for a cute little gift shop that was connected to a beauty shop. I spent a good bit of time watching everything from hair coloring to cute little old ladies coming in once a week and sitting under a dryer. A love of hair developed from there.

I really love learning all I can about the subject of hair. I am fortunate to have trusting friends who will allow me to learn by practicing. If you love hair, you must visit this blog. These girls know their stuff. It is called Killer Strands. I just found it so I am looking back at all the posts, and I cannot tell you how much I have learned. If you are not feeling too good about the idea of trying hair color yourself, this blog could also give you some ideas for when you go to the salon. Happy coloring!