Love from my hometown

I was raised in the beautiful Eufaula, AL, and I must say that I love this little town. If you have ever seen the movie, Sweet Home Alabama, then you have caught a glimpse of the beautiful historic homes of this town. This is a few of my favorites. My grandfather lived on the one on the bottom left for a while. If you enjoy the whole tour of homes, may I suggest that you visit Eufaula during Pilgrimage weekend in April. I will warn you that it is packed with people from all over the country and congested with spring break traffic, but if you can handle the crowds, you just might enjoy it.

Okay, I can't end this post without telling you some completely pointless facts, but I find this interesting. There are four main streets that are parallel to one another. Livingston, Orange, Randolph, and Eufaula. The street names are an acronym for one of the founders, Seth Lore. The town's original name was Irwinton, but was changed due to mail confusion. The opera house was torn down to be a Piggly Wiggly... which saddens me beyond no end. You can actually stay in one of the historic homes that had been converted into a bed and breakfast. My favorite new addition is the walking trail. It is beautiful. You should visit soon!