beautiful inspiration

It’s finally getting cooler. I have been waiting for this. I’m not usually a big fan of cold weather, but with it brings some of my favorite things. I am ready for Starbucks apple cider and looking at magazines. I love baking, painting with good friends, anything to do with pumpkins, and bonfires. Jon Foreman and Copeland music playing in the background. The colors of fall are perfect and getting to wear a scarf or cardigan everyday is just fine with me. I needed the change of pace because I was one of those little ruts that is often associated with going through the motions of daily life. Changing seasons reminds me to change as well and to live fully and without complacency.

I’ve also found myself in a slow spot when it comes to figuring out my life goals. As a chronic planner, it’s so difficult to sit and wait on what God is doing. I like to know details in advance. I don’t think that is silly… it’s just how I was made. One of my spiritual gifts is administration so I trust that God will provide me with some sort of idea so I can prepare a little better. Life is so short so I want to fill it the best way I can.

Life is a beautiful thing. Be inspired by God’s creativity.