Happy Campers

I'm so behind with my blog, but here is what I have been up to lately...

Kids Camp at Shocco was so amazing! If you are wondering about the title, allow me to explain. I always make the kids tshirts so we can all be wearing the same this on day 1. Well I felt the need to do something a little cheesey this year so our kids wore shirts that said "Happy Campers" on it. Of course they had a camper on the front! So cute...

On a more important note, camp was so good for me... and the kids. Its amazing how just being away from home and church will bring you closer to the Lord. Retreats are so necessary to the Christian walk. Church is good, and im not saying that that does not do amazing things, but there is just something about getting away.
Anyway, after a week of excessive coffee intake just to keep up with our awesome 3rd -6th graders, I am so renewed. The worship was so good. Whats even better is hearing 2000 kids singing praise to God. It was so beautiful.

I wrote this in my journal one night after worship : When I see children in worship, I am truly broken. I see a glimpse of Heaven because if you truly want to come before the Father, you have to come to Him as a child. I realize how wrong we are as adults. We don't understand worship, because if we did we would not waste our lives away. We would hold our hands to the Father like a helpless child. Dont waste your worship. Dont waste a moment because I have never felt more freedom than when I amd in complete surrender.