i consumed my heart with constant worry. my mind seemed to always be in motion thinking about the next thing that i have to do. i was constantly thinking about my future and i've come to realize that if i dont stop it i will not be able to enjoy the beauty that God has all around me. he has me right here and right now for a reason. andy stanley's sermon opened my eyes to what i have been doing. i am literally sinning because i worry. he talked about how the flowers dont worry about what they will wear and yet they are beautifully clothed. i am making the conscious effort to not worry about anything. keeping something in my mind wont change it, it wont benefit anyone and it will not help me. God is in control... i am not. he knows everything anyway. im praying for a heart that relies in him rather than myself. i will post more of andy's sermon notes soon because i know i'm not the only one. it really helped me to begin to release my cares and give it to Jesus.