Martha would have remembered plates

One of the many wonderful things about being a student at BCF is how incredibly close it is to the beach. I work in the marketing and admissions department of the school. We prepared the whole week for Preview day (which went very well), followed by dinner with my sweet mama and daddy, and a worship night, so by Friday night I was exhausted. Jacob and I made plans to go to the beach the next morning, and I wanted to do a cute little picnic lunch for him on the beach which of course would be very calm and relaxing. Well, it is difficult to pretend to be Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart while living in a dorm so sometimes you have to improvise to make your meals adapt to a microwave. I made Jacob chocolate rice krispies and I got sandwich stuff with cute bread to put it on and Jones sodas and I packed it all up in a vintage picnic basket that I got from a thrift store. I was so proud of how cute I had made everything. I had to run to my car and when I came back to my door, I realized that I didn’t have my keys… this is great. I’m standing there in pajamas and no makeup and no phone outside my room just hoping that someone would be awake. I thought my chances we pretty slim since of course college girls like to sleep in on Saturdays. Thankfully, Clara came out into the hall and we found a key and I got in. By this point, I’m completely frustrated. I had gotten nothing accomplished, I had nothing to wear and I had on no makeup. Who cares about a cute picnic basket? I threw on a dress, threw the food in the basket, and grabbed some makeup on my way out the door. Finally we get there and since there were pretty much hurricane winds, a picnic on the beach was out. I love doing cute things, and I was so disappointed that it didn’t go exactly how I had it planned in my mind. We sat in the car and as I was unpacking, I realized that I didn’t bring plates or napkins. Of course Jacob was sweet about it and said that we could use the lids of the food containers and that it was perfect. It ended up being really good though. We shopped and had dinner (with plates and napkins), and saw a movie. Sometimes you just have to realize that not everything will go as planned and your makeup will look like you did it in the car, but God is good and he blesses us with special people and special days.