The word purity does not seem to exist to this generation. The ABC show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager is supposed to discourage teens from premarital sex, but I truly believe that it has glamorized it. It gives the impression that pregnant teens can continue through high school, wear cute maternity clothes, be popular and the whole world around them is just peachy. This is not reality. The show did have one “Christian” character that supported purity and living godly, but even she did not stay true to that. The show also humorously showed the parents of the teens committing adultery. This show is a joke and in no way has shown the truth of unhealthy relationships. Is this really what is going to discourage teens from sexual relationships before marriage? I don’t think so.

     Our entire society has made a joke out of the sanctity of marriage. Preaching to teens to “be safe” is ridiculous. Teens need to be told to wait. It is so heartbreaking to see girls feel that need to be relationships especially if they are unequally yoked or unhealthy. I had the opportunity to talk to a group of girls about love and of course that led to purity. I told them that they are created beautifully by a God who loves them. They are made complete and exactly how God wants them to be. They lack nothing. So many girls have a void in their lives. I suppose that’s its either they are not believers of they live in a broken home, etc. Unfortunately, they go to all the wrong places to fill this “love void.”

     God has laid this reality on my heart. I am planning a girl’s worship service sort of thing for this summer called Treasured (the title is still in the works). Hopefully I will be able to pull it all together. I have asked our pastors wife and her daughter to speak. They both came to mind when I thought of godly women. I’m hoping that through all this, we can show girls that they are a treasure created by God to do amazing things.