Jesus Paid it All

What a truly awesome and amazing God is serve. It is beyond my comprehension how God, a holy, sinless, blameless, perfect God who is seated on a throne in heaven gave of himself to send His son as an infant.

Trusting a young woman to carry the load for nine months.

Choosing a carpenter to be his father while God remains the Father above.

Sending them on a journey to a crowded town that could not find a decent room for them.

Allowing her to deliver the Son of God in a stable surrounded by animals.

Laying the infant in a feeding trough. Angels proclaiming his birth to shepherds who go see the child.

A star guiding the Magi soon after.

Fishermen leaving life as they know it behind to follow Him and become true fishers of men.

Crowds gathering to hear Him, get a glimpse of Him, touch His garment for healing.

Followers clinging to His every word.

Lives being changed through His Holy Name.

His own disciple betraying Him.

His beloved denying Him.

His flesh beaten, bruised, and broken. His innocence rejected.

Jeering and mocking ringing through his ears as a cross was being strapped to his back.

A long road ahead of Him.

Nails piercing his sinless hands and feet.

Thorns stabbing his face.

The weight of our sins resting on His battered body.

The Father having to look away.

The earth trembling.

The curtain tearing from top to bottom.

Blood flowing from his body.

A horrific way of dying.

Rolling a stone in front of the tomb.

Believers thinking all hope was lost.

Satan thinking he was victorious.

Satan being wrong.

Jesus rising from the dead.

Revealing himself to the ones who seek Him.

Satan being crushed.

Heaven opening.

Jesus ascending.

Beauty unveiling.

Love surrounding.

Holy Spirit descending.

My debt erasing.

That is the awesome God that I live for. That is the reason for living. He gave Himself to pay my debts. The disgusting pit of sin we are all born is why he came. He deserves so much more. He is God. Creator of everything. Everything is His, yet he gave it all up. He was willing to get on our level because He knows we couldn’t reach Him on our own. He understands our pain and sadness. He experienced it firsthand. Only a truly awesome God would do that. Praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!