Some Thoughts on Birth and Why I Chose Natural

I have always been fascinated by birth. I grew up watching A Baby Story, Teen Mom, and several other shows on the subject. From what I knew of birth, I thought your water breaks and gushes everywhere, you rush to the hospital, you wait, they give you meds through an IV, you will be in pain, they give you and epidural, they yell at you to push your baby out. Or they would rush you in to a C-Section. It hurts. It is chaotic. It is scary.

Before I go any further, I will say this, and it is the only "advice" I will give... do your research and know why you are choosing what you are choosing. Because, with the exception of certain emergency circumstances, you have choices.  I feel like most people do more research on big purchases than they do on their own birth. I just truly recommend that you know what you want and why you want it. Look at the pros and cons. Look at the statistics. Look at the results and side effects. Know how birth works. Read books. Talk to people educated on birth. Know your options, and then make the choice that is right for you.


Welcome to the Nursery

Sweet babe is only 5 weeks away, and I am so excited that we finally have a finished little space for her. Though I knew the general idea of what style I wanted, finding all the right pieces took some time. I wanted this space to feel simple, modern and a little bohemian. The room was originally beige and I tried to make it work, but it just didn't have the clean look I wanted. So we painted the walls, and that made the whole room feel completely different. We went with white for all of the furniture pieces as well, then layered on the colors to brighten it up. 

Her room has double closets so that provided really great storage so we didn't need a whole lot of added shelving of a large dresser. One closet is being used for clothing and every day necessities. The other is filled with toys and bigger items. For her changing table, we found this great mid century modern buffet. My dad was kind enough to repaint it, and we added some new hardware and new drawer liners. I opted for a chair instead of a rocker. We already had a vintage one, so I dyed it this fun muted coral. It gives a nice little pop to the serene backdrop.      

We filled the rest of the space with baskets, books, and plants as well as a few little toys.  I'm sure as she starts to crawl we will definitely make a few changes, but I cant wait to see how it all evolves and our little one grows.

Crib -  Lolly and Me /  Pillow, Bedding, Changing Pad, Curtains, Dresser Hardware and Mirror - Target / Clay Planter - Publix / Floor Basket and Rug - TJ Maxx / Fur Rug - IKEA / Wall Hanging - DIY Project / Salt Lamp - Earthbound Trading Co. / Changing Table, Chair, Baskets, Globe - Vintage / My Dress - Forever 21 / Plants - Lowes


Only FIVE weeks to go!

How is this possible? In a about a month, we will be holding our girl. I still have a rather large list of things I want need to accomplish before she arrives. Her room almost ready though, and that is really exciting. It is missing a couple final touches, and once I figure out what those final touches are, I will be sharing a little room tour very soon. I've also gotten all of her laundry cleaned and started on the hospital bag. 

 I'm not sure that I am actually "nesting" because that is basically what I do all the time anyway, but I am definitely feeling the need to get things done... and done now! Some are totally legit, like stocking up on toilet paper and laundry detergent. Some not so much, like the need to add pine straw to our flowerbeds in the front yard. But It all feels vitally important, so Jacob has been great about making it all happen. We are just beyond excited about this new little person that will be in our home so very soon!


Preparing for our New Baby

As we are anxiously awaiting our little one, I have had so much fun learning about all of the great products out there. It can be overwhelming to not want to buy everything, especially after talking to other moms.  We have 13 weeks until her arrival so I am working to find some sweet  items that will be useful for a newborn.

1. Natural Pacifier - After reading of all the dangerous materials in regular pacifiers, I am so thankful for these natural rubber ones from EcoPiggy. I've heard it is a good idea to get wait until baby gets the hang of breastfeeding, but if we end up needing one, these look awesome.

2 & 3. Moses Basket and Stand - Instead of the bulky basinets or pack 'n' plays, we opted for something a little smaller that fits our space well, especially our tiny bedroom. These generally run for over $100 but I am excited to say I found one that was barely used on Craigslist for a great price. Woo hoo! I also ordered a custom mattress and sheet from Wendy Ann.

4. Swaddle Blankets - How cute is this cacti print!? These are organic cotton and oh so adorable. We are having a Summer baby, so hopefully this will keep him or her feeling nice and safe without being too hot.

5. Sheepskin Rug - Okay, this one probably isn't actually a "must have" but I just really love them and I think it will be fun to have.

6. Humidifier - From all that I have read about congestion in little babies, humidifiers seem like a must have. This one so pretty, and has gotten great reviews. I cant wait to give it a try.

And, of course, this is not an all inclusive list... but definitely a pretty one! What newborn items did you find useful in the first weeks?


A Little Peek Into Our Nursery Progress

I have been waiting patiently to start getting this sweet little room together. I knew, regardless of gender, I wanted to keep this space simple and modern. I shared a little bit of my nursery plans a few weeks ago, but now things are starting to feel real. This room was functioning as a guest space, so we cleared it our over the weekend and gave it a good scrub. I have found myself sitting in here daydreaming about exactly how we plan to arrange it and what pieces we will use. 
These windows in this space are my favorite. I love all they sunshine in the room and it definitely makes it feel bright and happy the whole day. I am deciding between leaving up the existing curtains or going with something more airy. This fiddle leaf fig is staying... partially because it is the only place in our home that it will survive, and I just like the life that it brings in here. I do want a different planter for it. Something modern and fun that will bring in some color. This chair is one of my favorite vintage pieces. I will either dye the existing cover or make a new one. I will also use this piece as a way to bring in some color. I am currently thinking a peachy coral, but we shall see. 
Somewhere on this side of the room, we will have the crib and the dresser. The dresser will function as a changing table but will be able to grow with her. I am just having trouble finding the exact piece I want. I am hoping a great vintage one is out there waiting on me. Above the dresser, I plan to make some kind of wall hanging or macrame art. We will also bring in some lamps, plants, and accessories to make this a mid century modern meets bohemian dreamspace... well that is the plan anyway. I can't believe we will have a little girl in here in less than four months! The progress on this space is making it seem more and more real every day! 



Little Boy or Little Girl?

Tomorrow is a special day for us, we will found out if this sweet baby is a little boy or little girl. At first, I was sure it was a boy, then I was sure it was a girl, and now.... goodness I have no idea! We will be surprised and so excited either way. I've had some fun with the old wive's tales about gender and these are my answers:

Heartbeat?  Above 140  - Girl
Sweet or Salty? Salty - Boy
Breakouts? Oh yes - Girl
String Test?  Boy
Sickness? No - Boy
Carrying High? Yes - Girl
Dry Hands? No - Girl
Sleeping on the left? No - Boy
Dreams? I've had several dreams that it was a Boy
Intuition? Ahh I have no idea!

Not very conclusive, but it is so fun to guess!


2017 Printable Calendar

Towards the end of every December, my favorite thing to do is start looking for a new calendar. This year I decided to go a different route and create my own. Want one for your home or office? Click the link below to download. And if you do, I would love to see a photo of it it in your home! 

Download your free printable 2017 Calendar here